Child Treatment
Child Treatment

Your Children’s Dentistry in Wollongong

Our clinic provides caring and friendly services, tailored to the unique needs and preferences of children. Dentists and support staff have had special training in how to best interact with young patients. From explaining procedures in child friendly terms, to making them as comfortable as possible whilst working on their teeth, we aim to make the overall experience as stress-free as possible for each child.

Our aim is to promote a healthy diet and sound oral care, which are part of a healthy lifestyle. We can help teach your child the correct technique for brushing and flossing their teeth, and we can help reinforce the importance of looking after their teeth. For your convenience, we can provide information and guidance on how diet affects dental health and hygiene, including which foods are best avoided. We can also provide general information on dental development, how to select the right care products etc.

We understand that a parent’s dental history can sometimes impact on their child’s perception of “the dentist”. To help understand any dental issues or concerns the first appointment is important to get to know you and your child. Your children’s dentist will take the time to introduce themselves and ask your child brief but important questions to get a better understanding of their knowledge, habits and expectations regarding dental care. They will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and allay their fears.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a children’s dentist in Wollongong, please call the clinic on (02) 4228 9205.